We are committed to working with people who want to develop their digital literacy, innovation and technical skills.  In particular we work with persons will physical disabilities, marginalized communities, veterans, stay-at-home parents, etc. who want to build a career as a freelancer, innovation leader or technical leader.

Contact us at info@growthfinderpro.com for more details.

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Our Team
Marguerite Mcleod-Fleming, CEO and Co-Founder


Phone: 888-501-4092

Melinda Benn, COO. Training Manager and Co-Founder

mbenn@growthfinderpro.com | Phone: 888-501-4093

Margurerite is a 25 year sales professional and entrepreneurial veteran. She founded the company 15-Years ago to help businesses generate millions in new business with leading-edge training systems. Marguerite's main focus is on marketing, product and business development.

Melinda comes to Growth Finder Pro, with over 20 years of administrative and management expertise. She currently plays a business and training management role in the organization. Her primary responsibility is to run the day-to-day operations of the training programs for the company, as well as assisting the CEO with vision, mission and direction of the company.

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